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Draw a Bird Day

Posted by Brittany

To celebrate this artsy “unofficial” Chris and I grabbed our pencils and pens earlier this evening and got to work drawing our own little flock. Chris is definitely the artist in the family and created a fun cartoonish bird couple. MamaBird seemed to be squawking about the beer in PapaBird’s wing. When I unveiled my bird drawing to Chris we both had a good laugh — I can copy pictures pretty well, but I’m not at all good at drawing from memory. But I didn’t mind — the giggles were deserved and what more could you possibly want out of a Friday night than a good laugh? It looks like a lot of other people participated in Draw a Bird Day too; you can check out various drawings all over the web but my personal favorites are on Flickr. We’re getting ready to add ours too!

Tomorrow we’re going to practice our parenting skills for Baby Massage Day!

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