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National Cheese Fondue Day

Posted by Brittany

National Cheese Fondue DayThe earliest recipes for cheese fondue are over 300 years old and called for the same basics as today’s recipes — cubed or grated cheese melted with a wine base and used as a dipping sauce for bread. During the last century the Swiss declared cheese fondue a national dish and promoted it with slogans like “fondue creates a good mood” in an attempt to amp up cheese consumption. By the 1960s the dish’s popularity had spread to the United States, and today many cities have fondue restaurants among their food offerings. The term “fondue” has grown to include other edibles cooked in the same manner as fondue cheese, using a hot Caquelon pot, with chocolate fondue being another popular variety.

Chris and I love fondue (if you didn’t notice form our post on Spouse’s Day). While he prefers the cheese recipes, I love chocolate fondue. We have cheese fondue at home on a semi-regular basis, and when time and money allow we always enjoy a deliciously sinful trip to The Melting Pot. In fact, we love fondue so much that we’ve often joked about opening up our own fondue-themed restaurant, inspired by a television special we saw about weird restaurants around the world. One of the highlighted venues was a restaurant in Taiwan named Moder Toilet. At this particular joint, which is now a successful chain, customers sit on (non-functional) toilets and eat their meals from bowls fashioned to look like miniature toilets. It’s all very disgusting, fascinating, and humorous at the same time. Chris and I had such a giggle over this and, after a particularly messy incident with some chocolate fondue, decided that our dream retirement project would be a restaurant with a similar theme named “Fondoodie.” Our caquelons could look like little toilets and with the right dippers, chocolate fondue could definitely achieve the desired affect. We even settled on a sister-restaurant for Fondoodie — a slow-cooked comfort food establishment we would call “Crock-potty.” Yes, these are the kinds of things we talk about in our free time.

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