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National Cheese Fondue Day

Posted by Brittany

To celebrate National Cheese Fondue Day we stopped at our local Bloom and picked up a fresh baguette, a block of fondue cheese, and a habanero cheddar to spice things up a little. When we started to feel the first pangs of hunger Chris, who is a master fondue chef if you ask me, started shredding the cheese and creating a custom concoction for our evening dinner. It took awhile longer to cook up than usual, but it was well worth the wait — by the time the cheese was ready we had a spicy and delicious dinner. I’m actually really glad this “unofficial” occurred today; I’ve been working on our taxes most of the evening and a fondue meal was the perfect excuse to relax for a few minutes and enjoy a nice dinner with my fondue-fabulous husband.

And now it’s time to find our reading glasses — tomorrow is National Library Workers Day.

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