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Look Up at the Sky Day

Posted by Brittany

Look Up at the Sky DayToday is Look Up at the Sky Day, a perfect opportunity to go outside and see what’s going on in that big blue oasis above. You never really know what you might see — clouds, rainstorms, airplanes, kites, birds, boomerangs, rainbows, or maybe even a UFO! The oddest thing I’ve ever seen was a fiery streak that I’m guessing must have been a small meteor burning up as it entered the earth’s atmosphere. Chris’s strangest sighting was an unidentified object that actually appeared in the paper and online the following day! And on separate occasions we have both been lucky enough to watch one of the space shuttle launches in Cape Canavral, FL.

To celebrate today’s “unofficial” we did the obvious, heading outside during our lunch break and a couple of times this evening to see “what was up.” We were hoping to spy some clouds above and take turns picking out cloud-animals, cloud-monsters, or any other type of cloud-beings. But today the skies were pretty clear so for the most part all we saw was blue, blue, and more blue. During our last outing before the sun set we did see an airplane — sometimes they fly frighteningly low and make our house shake. We may head outside later this evening to see if we can pick out any of the constellations. One of the nice things about living in the quasi-country is the lack of light pollution — before I moved out here I had no idea you could see so many stars at night!

In short, today’s celebration of Look Up at the Sky Day was pretty uneventful in our area (unless you count Chris almost blinding himself by staring into the sun). Maybe we’ll have better luck chasing clouds and rainbows on National Picnic Day. But we have a few more “unofficials” before we get there. Does anyone want to take a guess at what the next one is? It’s National Take a Wild Guess Day!

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