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National Take a Wild Guess Day

Posted by Brittany

National Take a Wild Guess DayGuess what? … It’s National Take a Wild Guess Day! (And yes, 99% of the time I ask this question the correct answer is, in fact, “chicken-butt”). Today we honor all kinds of intuitions, divinations, hunches, and sixth senses. Whether you’re putting all your chips in before the next spin of the roulette wheel, taking bets on the sex of your unborn child, or giving a new restaurant a crack at your wallet based on it’s charming facade, we all make guesses throughout our lives. Sometimes these hypotheses can bring us great joy or encourage us to take chances (I’m not discounting love by any means, but isn’t marriage really a commitment to the person that, either based on accumulated evidence or sheer hope, you guess will make the best partner for you today and every day for the rest of your life?) At other times guessing can become an substitute for the pains of reality or even an addiction (need I mention that roulette wheel again?)

I’ve always been more of a planner than a guesser. Like most little girls and boys, I dreamed of all the things I wanted to do and be when I grew up. However, I never actually spent any time guessing how my future would unfold. I never wondered how many children I would have (two, of course, since that’s what I’d planned…and definitely before I turned thirty! *sigh*), where I would live, or what I would do for a job. I kind of just assumed I’d figure it all out when I got there, probably because I’ve always seen myself as an active participant in my own life. It sounds so exceedingly simple when it’s put into words, but if you read between the lines it quickly becomes clear that this belief actually puts me in a precarious position, perpetuated by the Type-A control freak within. Because, when you get right down to it, reality isn’t entirely of our own making. While we do play an active part in creating our own futures, sometimes Life gets in the way — and whether Life has presented you with a wonderful gift or dealt you a devastating blow, she will always have her say.

But that’s enough philosophy for one evening! While planning our celebration of today’s “unofficial,” Chris and I took a more literal approach to National Take a Wild Guess Day. Last night, in the wee hours of the evening while I was fast asleep Chris counted out 438 jelly beans, filling a mason jar as he went.

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