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National Take a Wild Guess Day

Posted by Brittany

We brought the jar to work today and laid out a “Guesstimate” sheet, asking passers-by to take a wild guess at the number of jelly beans contained and promising the rainbow-colored spoils to the victor. Chris made this task particularly difficult by employing two different sizes and brands of jellybeans: the typical run-of-the-mill variety, and the smaller Starburst brand jellybeans. Still, our coworkers were not discouraged and by the end of the day twenty of them had made their guess, ranging from a mild 160 jellybeans to upwards of 800. Mary made the closest estimate with a guess of 420 jellybeans and generously shared her sweets with her fallen competitors.

If your wild guesses got you in a pickle today just take a deep breath and try to relax. Tomorrow is National Stress Awareness Day!

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