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National Stress Awareness Day

Posted by Brittany

To celebrate National Stress Awareness Day Chris and I decided to channel this extra anxiety and energy in a positive direction. We’ve belonged to a gym for many years, but embarrassingly we haven’t worked out since I got the flu earlier this year. With Chris’s ride for diabetes, the Tour de Cure, on the horizon, and my desire to work out my stress and frustrations (and get bathing suit ready) we’ve decided to start going to the gym on our way home form work at least a few times a week. Other days, when our schedule or celebrations don’t allow us the flexibility to workout at the gym, we can use our Xbox Kinect to burn a few calories. In fact, earlier today we purchased EA Active for Xbox Kinect and started a nine week training program. I think I’ve lost just about all of my muscle and endurance because the brief workout gave me flashbacks to my late twenties, when I spent several months adhering to grueling workouts with a personal trainer. Still, though my legs felt like rubber by the time I got out of the shower, I think we accomplished our goal — I feel totally relaxed and I’m almost positive I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight….if I finish my taxes, that is.

Now that we’re nice and relaxed the idea of finishing some long-put-off chores isn’t quite as daunting. It sounds like we’re ready for Blah Blah Blah Day!

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