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National High Five Day

Posted by Chris

National High Five DayNow this is a fun holiday! National High Five Day was founded by a group of three friends at the University of Virginia in 2002. According to the National High Five Project’s website today is a day about having fun and doing good. The National High Five Project is such a great organization that they even have a scholarship in which high school seniors are asked to write a creative essay on how to solve a modern issue. National High Five Day, NF5D for short, has been such a huge success in it’s ten year existance that it has been mentioned on local news channels, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Today Show, Sports Illustrated, and now the year of LIVING UNOFFICIALLY!

I have always been a huge advocate of the high five. Going out and seeing how many random people I can get to give me a high five is something I thoroughly enjoy. This past Christmas season Brittany and I met our friends Ryan and Allison (newly engaged by the way, congrats!) at Tyson’s Corner and I was able to provide everyone with a few laughs and even a bit of embarassment by getting groups of people to give me a high five (at one point I even was able to get one out of a rent-a-cop.) Today we decided to help get everyone through the day by giving as many high fives as possible. I am not too sure of the official count, but I think due to Brittany’s shyness I got quite a bit more high fives than she did. It didn’t stop there though. On our way home tonight we had to run a few errands in preparation for this Sunday’s “unofficial”. One of our stops was Chick-fil-a to grab a bite to eat. We ordered the usual and after receiving our food at the drive-thru I looked at the cashier and said, “Do you mind if I get a high five for National High Five Day?” “Of course you can!” said the cashier as he leaned out the window and extended his arm to give me a high five. It’s the little things like this that seem to always put a smile on someones face. It feels great knowing that even if for a split second you were able to make someone experience something positive. More people need to do this and they should do it more often!

Tomorrow is about doing good too, this time it’s not just for someone else. Tomorrow is Earth Day! Plant a tree, recycle, how will you contribute?

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