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National Picnic Day

Posted by Brittany

National Picnic DayAlthough the word “picnic” did not enter the English language until 1748, these outdoor excursions have been enjoyed by mankind throughout history. There’s nothing quite like bringing a nice meal outside, spreading a blanket in the grass, and enjoying good food and company while surrounded by the beauty of nature. It’s no wonder National Picnic Day is celebrated the day after Earth Day — it gives us the perfect opportunity to enjoy our beautiful planet and commune with nature.

Neither Chris nor myself can remember the last time either of us was on a picnic. And we’ve certainly never been on one together. So, especially after the cloudlessness of Look Up at the Sky Day, we were looking forward to celebrating today by eating, laying in the grass, and staring up at the clouds. Unfortunately, between lunch with our parents, errands, and getting Chris’s bike ready for the Tour de Cure diabetes ride, today was a busy day so we had to settle for a Chick-fil-A picnic instead of the usual fare of potato salad and sandwiches. But once the food was secured, Chris had the wonderful idea to drive a few minutes down the road to the beach at Aquia Landing.

When we arrived we spread out our blanket and chowed down on our chicken and fries. My Chick-fil-A kids meal came with a compass which I found apropos for our outdoor activity. But the best part of the picnic was after our meal was complete — Chris and I laid back on the blanket and stared up at the sky. There was a little bit of a rainbow off to the west (thanks Chick-fil-A!), and the clouds were constructed of loose wispy pieces that made the sky look like a sheet of pulpy paper (I told Chris it looked like a piece of resume paper!). Between the calm of the breeze, the beautiful weather, and the serene sounds of the beach, I started to wonder why it was that this was our very first picnic together. As we laid back, the ospreys and other waterbirds flying overhead, I felt sure that it won’t be our last.

Enjoy Easter tomorrow! We’ll be celebrating with family. But first we’ll be waking up in the early morning hours to cook pie and biscuits, and to celebrate World Pinhole Photography Day!

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