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Arbor Day

Posted by Brittany

The idea of watching it mature reminds me of a sad little sappling that my mom and I saved when I was a kid. I’m not sure why — maybe it was rooted too close to the house or something — but my dad had to dig up a tiny maple or oak of some kind and was going to throw it in the garbage since it didn’t look like it had much life in it. My mom and I couldn’t allow that to happen so we planted “Hope” right in front of the house, bordering our sidewalk. As the tree’s health waxed and waned, “Hopeless” became sort of a joke to some of our friends and family, but my mom and I never lost faith. And now, twenty years later, Hope towers a proud giant over the sidewalk.

Chris and I decided to celebrate Arbor Day 2011 with my parents this evening. We live on the same road and, at twelve acres, they own four times the property we do. A long stretch of the single street is bordered by their land and last year my dad planted pear trees spaced evenly throughout its length. Unfortunately, two of the trees didn’t make it through this past winter. Since he had recently joined The Arbor Day Foundation my dad had just planted some of the trees he’d received from them, but in honor of Arbor Day we convinced him to re-gather his planting tools and replace the two dead trees along his road*front. Chris and I joined my mom, my dad, and their foster dog “Snickers in the early evening and helped pull up the old trees and plant two beautiful new ones. And we even got a surprise along the way — when we pulled out the second “dead” tree there was a tiny green leaf growing at the bottom so my dad is going to try to nurse it back to health! Who knows, maybe this will be “Hope 2″!

Tomorrow we’re back to the outdoors for World Tai Chi & Qigong Day!

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