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Paranormal Day

Posted by Chris

Paranormal DayThe term paranormal activity is pretty vague. By definition paranormal activity designates experiences that lie outside “the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.” Paranormal Day is a day in which paranormal enthusiasts are encouraged to share their unique experiences amongst each other. This unofficial has even triggered seminars, radio broadcasts, and readings all across the globe.

We chose to celebrate Paranormal Day in two ways today. The first was to watch an episode of Is it Real?, a National Geographic program that takes a look at strange events and tries to separate fact from fiction. I picked out the episode about crop circles. Personally I believe crop circles are 100% man-made, but wanted to see what believers on the other side of things had to say. Brittany and I were both surprised by how many different theories there are out there about crop circles. According to this episode crop circles are believed to be caused by man, ufo, a plasma vortex, and/or plant abnormalities. Whatever the cause may be, there have been some pretty crazy and complex designs. It almost makes me want to go out one night and see what I am able to do in a matter of hours.

As for the second way we are celebrating today I have a “paranormal” story I would like to share. Well, I guess I actually have two “paranormal” stories. The first is the UFO I spotted while leaving lacrosse practice one day in high school. It was briefly mentioned on Look Up at the Sky Day, also mentioned here. I can’t say whether or not it was an alien spacecraft, all I know is it was an unidentified flying object — a green ball of light that was hovering around in the sky for a few seconds then all of the sudden just disappeared. The second story is something that took place not too long after my grandfather passed away on December 14, 2007. We didn’t know the exact time of his death as he died sometime in the night, but we have a feeling it was around 3:30 am. Probably about a month after my grandfather passed my mother and I were woken up by Chaucer, my boxer, barking. We went to make sure everything was ok and to see what it was he was barking at and to our surprise there was nothing there. Chaucer saw something though, it was like he was looking right at someone, someone he knew. His tail was wagging and it wasn’t a normal bark. His bark was playful almost as if someone were playing with him. There was a strange energy in the room too, I thought to myself that maybe grandpa was making a visit but didn’t say anything.

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