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Totally Chipotle Day

Posted by Brittany

Totally Chipotle DayTotally Chipotle Day is celebrated every May 5th in conjunction with Cinco de Mayo. Chipotles are a type of smoked jalapeno pepper, with a distinct Mexican-Indian history, and one of the most poplar mexican food flavors of the past decade. The unique smoking process used to create chipotles actually dimishes their spiciness so they burn a little less than a lot of other hot mexican peppers. Totally Chipotle Day is an opportunity to celebrate this mouth-watering flavor, and eat as many chipotle-inspired foods as your belly will allow.

Chris and I adore mexican food. We even had our rehearsal dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant, Pancho Villa, the night before our wedding! Chris is especially partial to chips and queso, while I’m devout fajita-lover. We’ve been making an effort to eat at home and bring our lunches to work, but we’ve slipped up a few times lately and keep ending up at Baja Fresh during our lunch break, where we’ll usually share a big burrito and fresh guacamole. Every time we cut back on eating out it’s mexican food that draws us back out into the restaurants, so we’ve been trying to cook a little more tex-mex at home when we have the ingredients on hand. Still, if we’re going to break our “going-out” rule, I can live with it if it’s for something tasty, and not just something sad like tofu or salad (no offense to all the vegetarians out there!).

Today we got an early start on our Totally Chipotle Day clelebrations. We changed it up a little during our lunch break and frequented our local Chipotle restaurant, instead of the usual Baja Fresh. All of Chipotle’s meats are made with chipotle chili adobo, and you can have them served in a bowl, or as a burrito or tacos. On the rare occasion that we go to Chipotle I usually get a bowl or buritto but I decided to try the tacos today. As I was eating I missed the rice you get in the other meals so I probably won’t try the tacos again. But at least lunch accomplished its most important goal — I was stuffed by the time we had to go back to the office!

Not long after we got home we headed out for our second mexican meal of the day, this time at Carlos O’Kelly’s. The restaurant was running a few specials for Cinco de Mayo, and our parents joined us for dinner and margaritas.

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