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Lost Sock Memorial Day

Posted by Brittany

Lost Sock Memorial DayMay 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day, a day dedicated to the twinless twins of the sock world. Unlike wire coat hangers, which seem to multiply every time two go into a closet, socks have an uncanny way of disappearing in the laundry basket, the washer, and the dryer. On this day of remembrance you are encouraged to conduct a quick search and rescue for any recent, possibly salvageable losses, or to let go of your singleton socks, and then to move on with your life. Those lost socks perched on billowing clouds in Footwear Heaven would want it that way.

In spite of my constant attempts at organization I have a knack for losing things. Luckily, it’s not usually anything important (unless you count the time I lost my car keys for three days), but a misplaced pair of glasses or half-empty water bottle is pretty common. And, of course, I lose socks. My dresser drawer is exploding with socks (mostly white — how boring!), many of which have lost their mate. Each morning as I prepare to step into my sneakers I have to struggle with my sock drawer’s contents in an effort to find a matching pair. If I fail, I just resort to my slip-on Vans. This morning I couldn’t find an acceptable pair so I actually left the house in heels, which is a real rarity! But even though my drawer is overflowing I tend to hang onto my unmatched socks because their friends invariably turn up when I go to change the sheets or put on a just-washed pair of jeans, temporary victims of that laundry room villain named Static Cling.

But enough is enough! With our large drawers busting wide with mostly useless socks, Chris and I decided to celebrate today’s “unofficial” by cleaning out our sock drawers and getting rid of our incomplete pairs. We laid all of our socks out on the bedroom floor and did our best to match up as many as we could. In the process Chris discovered that he had one of my socks, and we both came across a lot of socks that had holes in them, so they went straight to the trash pile. By the time we were through I only had four mateless socks! I had thought for sure I would have had a lot more. Chris, on the other hand, did have a lot of singletons — so many, in fact, that he decided to hang onto them and is planning a future search of the house to see if he can hunt down their matches. I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds quite a few; I’m always finding his socks under the couch, in chairs, by the bed, next to the laundry room sink, on the bathroom floor, stuffed inside his shoes…you get the idea.

With clean sock drawers we have a head start on tomorrow’s holiday, Clean Up Your Room Day!

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