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Clean Up Your Room Day

Posted by Brittany

Clean Up Your Room DayClean Up Your Room Day is celebrated (or dreaded, depending on how you feel about cleaning) every May 10th. I’d wager to say that most of us at least attempt to clean on a regular basis, but there are still many people who benefit from, or perhaps even need, this annual reminder. Whether you’re a routine tidier or a life-long slob, today is the day to gather your trashbags, boxes for donations, and your favorite cleaning products and jump in head first!

Just like most kids, my parents always had to tell me to clean my room. My space wasn’t as messy as my older brother’s room, and was never really “dirty”, but I wasn’t very good at keeping it tidy. I hated making my bed and, as a small kid, my borders were exploding with enough stuffed animals to declare my own self-governing country. Later though, when I moved into my freshman dorm room and was one hundred per cent responsible for taking care of myself (no mom sneaking in to vacuum!), I started to realize how important it really was to pick up after yourself. I was lucky enough to live with a roommate who also liked to keep things clean, though throughout the years we did on occasion share a room or apartment with others who weren’t quite so neat. Not too long after I graduated from James Madision University I bought my first home with my first husband. Once again, this changed the way I took care of my own space: now it was a financial investment and something to be proud of. And so began my days as a neat-freak.

I’m sad to say those days are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Between four dogs, four chinchillas, full-time jobs, and this project, cleaning is just one of the many activities that have been put on the back-burner. I still make an effort to keep things tidy whenever I have the time, but my house isn’t spotless like it used to be. In an attempt to make cleaning easier (and inspired by watching episodes of Hoarders) I started purging our home of unnecessary things last year, and I have continued to gather items for Goodwill and garage sales, so I suppose that’s something to be proud of.

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