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National Apple Pie Day

Posted by Brittany

National Apple Pie DayThe earliest recorded recipe for apple pie was written by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381 and consisted of apples, spices, figs, raisins, and pears. Centuries later, the early colonists in The New World had to wait for their imported pips to become fruit-bearing trees before they could select the best cooking apples and eventually create the classic American dessert. In fact, Americans became so fond of apple pie that there are actually “mock apple pie” recipes from eras during our history when fresh fruit wasn’t always readily available, like one using Ritz crackers and dating back to the Great Depression. With such devotion, and even a town in New Mexico named in honor of the apple pie (Pie Town!), it’s clear that the sweet treat is woven firmly into the fabric that makes up the history — and the future — of these Unites States. Whether served hot or cold, naked or a la mode, the dish is an american icon because, as the saying goes, it’s as “American as apple pie.”

When I was really little, almost as far as my memory will stretch, I remember eating apples. And I loved them! Red Delicious, Granny Smith — it didn’t matter — they were the perfect snack. But my memories of fresh apples are fading because as I grew older I developed a problem with digesting acidic fruits. My ingestion of apples, pears, and grapes has been very limited for the past twenty years and I’ve only recently begun reintroducing some fruits to my diet with the hope that I might have outgrown my digestive difficulties. Needless to say, given the choice between apple pie or pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve always leaned toward the safer pumpkin option. Apple pie and I are like old friends that only bump into each other on rare occasions (like Johnny Appleseed Day!).

Luckily, my recent experiments with eating some of the fruits I previously avoided have yielded some encouraging results (I heard somewhere that food allergies sometimes reset themselves every decade or so…I wonder if it’s true). So it was with only minor trepidation that I headed to our local grocer’s bakery in search of an apple pie this evening. My parents had invited us for dinner (mmm…my mom made our awesome slow cooked chuck roast recipe!), so Chris and I thought today’s “unofficial” would provide the perfect dessert to follow our meal.

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