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Peace Officers Memorial Day

Posted by Chris

Peace Officers Memorial DayWhile doing some additional research on today’s unofficial we discovered that there are a couple different names for today’s observance. While some sites refer to it as Police Memorial Day others go by the name of Peace Officers Memorial Day. I am willing to bet that the official name is the later but because Police Week is May 9-15 Police Memorial Day has been adopted as an alternate name. Whatever the case may be this is a holiday that, unfortunately, touches the lives of many. Peace officers risk their lives for the safety of others. That is what this holiday is all about. On October 1, 1961 President John F Kennedy was asked by the United States Congress to set aside this day to honor peace officers. The bill was signed into law later that day.

Sadly many people seem to have a negative view on law enforcement officers. I won’t deny the fact that it sucks getting a speeding ticket. The first thing that I’m sure goes through everyones head in that situation is, “Come on I wasn’t going that fast” or “Can’t you just let me off this one time?” When it comes down to it our actions are a tad selfish. They are enforcing laws that are put in place to protect the public. They are just doing their job. Unfortunately sometimes this means getting involved in a dangerous, sometimes even deadly, situation.

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