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No Dirty Dishes Day

Posted by Brittany

No Dirty Dishes DayWhether you live with roommates, your significant other, or all on your lonesome, there’s nothing that adds tension to the home-front quite like a mounting pile of dirty dishes. But while we shirk our dishwashing responsibilities crusty food particles just get crustier, which makes the prospect of starting the processs even less appleaing. Soon a viscous cyle takes root, and we may find that our kitchen sink has completely disappeared beneath mounds of plates, saucers, mugs, pots, and pans. No Dirty Dishes Day, celebrated every May 18th, encourages us to spend one day free from the stress-inducing chore of washing dishes. This goal can be achieved by eating out or using disposable plates and silverware. Or there is always the environmentally friendly (but not couch potato friendly) route of washing your dishes as soon as you’re through with them.

Washing dishes has just recently become a source of frustration in the Neigh household. We live in what I like to call the quasi-country, nestled on three acres in Stafford County, and surrounted by the beauty of nature. And turkey buzzards…and snakes…and bugs. When it rains heavily, as it often does this time of year, the local ants tend to seek seek shelter, usually in our kitchen. Every Spring the battle begins as the ants continually find new ways into the house and we follow behind them, plugging and caulking any identifiable entry point. Our fixes are often short-lived, but temporarily relief is still relief. This past week the latest ant raid took up residence in our kitchen sink and, as a result, Chris has had to clean it out several times already, and do all of the dishwashing by himself. And there is the root of the problem: Chris has had to do all of this by himself because, for whatever reason, I cannot find it in myself to harm or kill anything — not even an insect. I’ve been too afraid to run the water in the sink because I don’t want to drown the poor little ants! Chris is getting a little tired of the extra task, but I think his efforts are strting to pay off. Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed a definite decrease in our number of six-legged visitors.

An integral part of our “Ant Free” campain has been to keep the kitchen clean and free of food particles, so with Chris’s efforts we already had a bit of a start on No Dirty Dishes Day. But in order to keep up the clean-dish streak and celebrate today’s “unofficial”, we decided to eat out tonight.

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