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May Ray Day

Posted by Brittany

May Ray DayMay 19th is May Ray Day, a day to appreciate the warming weather provided courtesy of our sun’s rays. Summer is just around the corner and it won’t be long before we turn the air conditioning on full blast. Many people find this beautiful time of year between Winter’s last frost and the dog days of Summer the most appealing time for outdoor activities and enjoyment.

I am one of the many people who adore Spring weather. On the other hand, I detest the cold and darkness of Winter, and wilt during the hottest weeks of Summer. But the beauty and mildness of Spring always re-energize my spirits. I don’t usually spend a lot of time out of doors, but this is the time of year you’d be most likely to see me feigning interest in our garden or going out for a stroll in historic Fredericksburg. Apart from the rain, the past couple of weeks have been so perfect I even suggested to Chris that we purchase a kayak! He wisely denied my attempted impulse buy.

To celebrate May Ray Day Chris and I switched up our lunch routine, abandoning the office break-room to enjoy our hour-long lunch outside in the sun. Much to my delight, we have a Panera Bread not far from where we work, right in the middle of a popular shopping center that’s ideal for people-watching. We grabbed our delicious lunches and got settled outside where we could watch the birds chirping and fluttering around piles of crumbs. Toward the end of our meal we struck up a conversation with a friendly older man at the next table and helped him solve the last clue in his daily crossword puzzle. The only interruption to the serene lunch and wonderful weather was a chilly but brief breeze. By the end of our break I was so relaxed I could hardly believe we had to go back to the office and……WORK! But the diversion left me feeling inspired: maybe it’s time to start having our dinner outside on our back deck during Spring’s mild evenings. After all, we have a big beautiful yard to enjoy. OMG BBQ WTF!

It’s a good thing Chris looks so good in his skin-tight biking shorts — tomorrow is Bike to Work Day!

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