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Bike to Work Day

Posted by Chris

btwd-logo-11Bike to Work Day is an event in which nation, regional, and local bike advocacy groups get together to encourage the public to try commuting to work via bike as a safe and healthy alternative to driving. With its origins dating back to 1956, Bike to Work Day was started by the League of American Bicyclist and is part of Bike to Work Week (which happens to be part of National Bike Month).

I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I first learned how to ride a bike. Biking did however have a huge role in my childhood. It was my activity of choice once my homework was done and I was able to go outside and play. And during the summers it was my main source of transportation while my parents were away at work prior to getting my license. My friends and I would, on a regular basis, wake up, get our tackle boxes and fishing poles and ride to the local pond where we would go fishing for an hour or two every day. When we wanted to change it up a little we’d hit up the local construction sites where other neighborhood kids had built ramps and spend hours jumping them. ┬áThe ramp jumping went on hold after I fell and broke my collar bone one year. Basically biking has been an activity I have liked for quite some time now.

This past year I have really become interested in road cycling. I purchased my first road bike about this time last year and have been riding pretty regularly since. In the spirit of today’s holiday I decided to do the obvious… ride my bike to work. I didn’t ride my bike the whole 30 some miles but I did ride as much as I could. The forecast wasn’t the greatest for today, we’ve been getting crazy thunderstorms these past couple of days, and Brittany had a baby shower to goto after work so I was only able to bike TO work. I woke up about thirty minutes earlier than usual, hopped on the bike and headed to the train station. I picked up the earliest bike carrying train to Northern Virginia, and enjoyed the scenery while I was transported from Stafford to Springfield. Once in Springfield I got off the train and proceeded to ride from the train station to work. At the end of the day the overall distance I biked about about 4 miles. I was proud to be commuting in a form of transportation other than car. It was a little surprising not to see anyone else participating this morning, but I think I missed most of the people participating since I commute from so far south. On the drive home I saw at least five people on bicycles and an older gentleman riding a unicycle.

Join us tomorrow as we take out final stroll in the woods before the Rapture comes (at least according to Harold Camping). Tomorrow is National Walk in the Woods Day!

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