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National Walk in the Woods Day

Posted by Chris

National Walk in the Woods DayNational Walk in the Woods Day, is a day set aside by The American Forest Foundation to help celebrate the yearlong International Year of Forests. The day was designed to help raise awareness of sustainable forest management and forest conservation.

As a boy scout I was fortunate enough to spend a decent amount of time in the woods. Whether I was camping or hiking, once the weather was warm I spent a many of my weekends outdoors. We would even make it a point to do some cold weather camping from time to time. Some of my favorite and most memerable moments involve backpacking through the hills and forests of West Virginia.

Today was rather busy for me. As we have mentioned a few times on this site, I am training for my Tour de Cure ride in a couple of weeks and took advantage of the great weather today. I woke up early, sort of, and headed up north for a 30 mile ride. Again Brittany was busy with a shower, this time however it was a bridal shower for one of her cousins. After my bike ride I met our friends Vicky and Ryan, as well as their four dogs (including Jimmy a 14 year old greyhound mix!), at Fountainhead Regional Park. We opted for a 8 mile hike on the Bull Run – Occoquan Trail. Vicky’s mother tagged along for the first mile and a half then decided to head back to the trailhead. While on our hike we saw our fair share of wild life, including a few deer, a toad, a few fish, and a very strange wasp. After some research Vicky informed me that the wasp was a Ichneumom Wasp. We had a good, and educational, hike today.

I would like to thank Vicky and Ryan for bringing this unofficial to our attention and coordinating the details for today’s hike. ¬†They have been celebrating parallel to us as much as they can and it was good to share this experience in person. ¬†Vicky was an inspiration — she just entered her third trimester but with her energy and perseverance you would never know she was carrying around the extra weight of a baby in her belly.

Bust out your wallet and head to the music shop tomorrow is Buy-A-Musical-Instrument Day!

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