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Buy a Musical Instrument Day

Posted by Brittany

Buy a Musical Instrument DayBuy A Musical Instrument Day is celebrated every May 22nd, just in time to encourage a new hobby for the kiddies who are about to be set free from school for the summer. But taking up a musical instrument is a fun and engaging activity for adults and seniors as well. When it comes to music, you can teach an old dog new tricks. And if you know a lot of grumps, don’t forget — music soothes the savage beast. So learning some sweet tunes might come in handy should you come across an angry bear or, in my case, four anxious dogs begging for a snack.

When I was in elementary school I was basically tone def. I enjoyed singing but I couldn’t even come close to carrying a tune. Then, when I was ten years old, I started playing the cello with my school’s orchestra. I loved playing, and I was actually pretty good for my age group (unfortunately, my talents, and even my interest, plateaued in my late teens). Amazingly, playing an instrument improved my singing too, and I even went on to sing a solo in a middle school play, and sing in the supporting chorus during a couple of high school musicals. During my junior and senior years of high school I also gave cello lessons and enjoyed seeing how much my pupils progressed with the extra tutelage. When I wasn’t playing cello I also taught myself a little classical guitar. Between my musical history, Chris’s brief stint playing alto sax, and his continued interest in playing guitar and experimenting with his turntables, I hope we pass some musical skills along to our future child. And maybe a love of musical theatre, though I’m sure Chris doesn’t share my feelings on that one!

To celebrate today’s “unofficial” Chris and I picked up a couple of cheap instruments from the kids’ section at Target. We chose a plastic harmonica and a recorder (the first instrument played by many children in North America). When we arrived home we unpacked our music-makers and started playing with the recorder. I was able to figure out “Mary Had a Little Lamb” pretty quickly, and Chris impressively played a bit of his favorite Christmas carol, “The Little Drummer Boy.” The dogs just looked at us like we were strange — until we broke out the harmonica, that is. The tiny harmonica drove them crazy and they were barking and growling in no time. I guess it’s not true what they say about music and savage beasts after all! We weren’t playing around for long before I began to realize that, all those years ago, my recorder must have driven my parents absolutely crazy. But as loud and shrill as it can be, instruments are somewhat addictive, and Chris has set a standard — I only have seven months to learn “Silent Night”!

Earlier today I told Chris I had an urge to go to the beach, which is very unlike me. Maybe I was getting the itch as a precursor to tomorrow’s unofficial — National Taffy Day!

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