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National Scavenger Hunt Day

Posted by Brittany

National Scavenger Hunt DayA scavenger hunt is a game in which participants compete to complete all of the items on a checklist first. Items may include finding particular objects or accomplishing certain tasks or feats, and players are sometimes given extra points for creativity. Scavenger hunts were developed for parties in the 1930s and have been enjoyed by children and adults alike ever since. May 24th is celebrated as Scavenger Hunt Day.

My earliest scavenging memories date back to school-related activities as a young child, and possibly a few birthday party games. But as fun as those childhood games were, my most vivid scavenger hunt recollections are from my bachelorette party in September 2009. My Matron-of-Honor and former college roomie, Val, put together an incredible scavenger hunt that I was required to complete during our crazy night on the town. From what I can remember, I had to kiss a bald man’s head, kiss a tattoo, and practice walking down the aisle with a stranger. There were also quite a few other activities on the list that I will never admit to in writing! Who knows, I might want to run for public office one day! The end of the night is a blur I’m sure I’ll never remember (or maybe I just hope I won’t?), but before everything got hazy I do recall completing one particularly odd item on the ‘bachelorette party scavenger hunt list’: I had to “hump an inanimate object while singing ‘It’s My Party and I’ll Hump If I Want To’”. Presumably, this was supposed to be sung to the tune of ‘It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To’, but odds are I’d lost any of my singing abilities by this point in the night. My chosen object of desire was an outdoor wooden-barrel trashcan, Fredericksburg’s answer to aesthetic waste disposal. I humped that barrel so hard I knocked it into the street. Luckily I didn’t cause any car accidents or end up in jail, and I learned a valuable lesson: humping an inanimate object can only ends badly.

To celebrate today’s fun-filled “unofficial” Chris and I downloaded the Scavenger Hunt with Friends Lite app on our iPhones and created a scavenger hunt of twenty random items (chosen by the app). The app is available for all Android and iPod/iPhone users and anyone can join our hunt, named “YearOfLiving”, which will run for one week starting today (results to be posted next Tuesday). The app is kind of fun — to fulfill an item on the list you have to upload a picture of it. Chris immediately checked a few items off, including ‘bathroom graffiti’ and ‘smell a stinky sock’. He was in the lead until I posted a picture of a ‘cow being tipped’.

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