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National Wig Out Day

Posted by Brittany

National Wig Out DayToday is National Wig Out Day, an opportunity to try out that do or style you’ve been too frightened to commit to, courtesy of a wig. Wigs can be constructed from various materials including horsehair, wool, human hair, synthetic materials, and even feathers! Throughout the centuries they have been used for practical purposes (such as protecting egyptian’s shaved heads from the sweltering sun), and to indicate social status or offer the wearer a look of distinction. Today wigs are less commonplace among the general populace, but organizations like Locks of Love help to remind us of their usefulness for those suffering from hairloss-inducing conditions and treatments. Locks of Love collects donated hair to create quality prosthetics for children suffering form long-term hair loss in order to help them regain “a sense of self, confidence and normalcy…enabling them to face the world and their peers.”

I’ve always wanted to donate to Locks of Love, but unfortunately it takes a lot of chemicals to tame my unruly tresses, which renders my hair a poor candidate. My cousin Emily makes a habit of growing her hair long to donate and I think it’s such an admirable cause. It saddens me when I think about the amount of hair that goes to waste, when it could be put to good use for kids suffering through chemotherapy or facing the struggles of alopecia.

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