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Flip a Coin Day

Posted by Brittany

Flip a Coin DayThroughout history coin flipping has been used as a way to to decide the outcome between two alternative possibilities. Some people and societies have even considered the chance result to be an expression of divine will. Today coins are often flipped to determine the starting team at certain sporting events, and Canada and the United Kingdom even turn to the “divination” of the coin when two political candidates receive an equal number of votes.

I don’t spend a lot of time considering fate vs. chance, but I do believe that coin flipping can benefit an interested party by helping them acknowledge their true feelings about a subject. Sigmund Freud believed the simple action could help clarify the “flipper’s” feelings, explaining that “I did not say you should follow blindly what the coin tells you. What I want you to do is to note what the coin indicates. Then look into your own reactions. Ask yourself: Am I pleased? Am I disappointed? That will help you to recognize how you really feel about the matter, deep down inside.” With this in mind, Chris and I used this decision-making tool several times today:

1. Chris and I decided to eat out during our lunch break today, in celebration of his 28th birthday. His top two choices were Panera and Cocorico (chicken pollo). Heads = Panera / Tails = Cocorico. RESULT: Tails, Cocorico. Chris was excited — he loves pollo.

2. Okay, so we like eating out…a little too much. After we got home we decided to go out to dinner to keep the celebration going. Chris wanted Mexican food, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted El Charro, Carlos O’Kelly’s, or Pancho Villa. We flipped 2 coins simultaneously: 2 Heads = Pancho Villa / 2 Tails = El Charro / 1 of each = Carlos O’Kelly’s (ooops…I don’t think these odds are even). RESULT: 1 of each, Carlos O’Kelly’s — always delicious, plus we got free birthday sopapillas! Yum!

3. While preparing to order dinner Chris couldn’t decide between Burro En Fuego and Sancho-Monterey. Heads = Sancho-Monterey / Tails = Burro En Fuego. RESULT: Heads, Sancho-Monterey — Chris liked it!

4. Likewise, when perusing the menu I couldn’t decide between full-blown fajitas or the lighter fajita enchilada. Heads = fajita enchilada / Tails = traditional fajitas. RESULT: Tails, fajitas. Always a favorite!

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