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Flip a Coin Day

Posted by Brittany

5. In anticipation of the predictable and spastic clapping fits I go into every time a birthday boy or girl is sung to in a restaurant, Chris begged me not to go full-on spaz. I love clapping to the birthday song! To settle the dispute we flipped a coin. Heads = smaller, more appropriate claps / Tails = crazy Brittany claps. RESULT: Heads, small claps. Oh well, I’ll just clap for myself when my birthday rolls around at the end of the month!

Lastly, I tried to get Chris to flip a coin to determine who would be responsible for writing tonight’s post. However, he claimed exemption due to his birthday so this dispute never made it to the coin-flipping stage. It just goes to show that we’re both mature enough to not have to leave some things to fate.

And speaking of fate, I think we’re destined to come face-to-face (or mouth-to-spoon) with some ice cream tomorrow — it’s National Rocky Road Day.

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