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National Rocky Road Day

Posted by Brittany

National Rocky Road DayWilliam Dreyer of Oakland, California is credited with creating Rocky road ice cream in 1929. While the flavor has many different recipes, it’s main ingredients are chocolate ice cream, nuts (usually walnuts or almonds), and marshmallows.. The treat was named right after the historic Wall Street Crash of 1929, with a moniker meant “to give folks something to smile about in the midst of the Great Depression.”

Like a lot of kids who grew up in the ’80s, rocky road ice cream always makes me think of Sloth from 1985′s The Goonies. But in spite of it’s fame, I don’t think I’d ever tried the flavor until today. (Maybe that’s because I’m a vanilla kind of girl.) Earlier this evening, in celebration of National Rocky Road Day Chris and I visited our local Cold Stone Creamery to check out their ice cream flavors. They didn’t have a pre-made rocky road flavor, but we ordered a cup of chocolate ice cream and added walnuts and marshmallows as mixers. It was pretty delicious, but after a large dinner we actually weren’t able to finish our dessert! That’s okay though — if this heat wave keeps up, I’m pretty sure we’ll be back for more. If we don’t return for the ice cream, maybe we’ll go back for the entertainment — for some reason a couple of the workers were singing a duet to one of the customers. I guess strange things happen when you visit certain places an hour before closing time.

Maybe it’s a good thing we were light on the sweets this evening — we’ll have a little extra room for National Doughnut Day tomorrow!

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