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National Gingerbread Day

Posted by Brittany

After we returned home and took a well-deserved nap, we found a light, simple gingerbread recipe and I got to work in the kitchen while Chris dished up a leftover spaghetti dinner. ¬†Once we were done with our sauce and noodles we both sliced off a piece of the soft gingerbread cake. As soon as the knife cut into the bread, releasing a sweet and spicy aroma, the dogs came running. I felt guilty about not sharing our treat with them, but I wasn’t about to spoil their dinners, so Chris and I enjoyed the gingerbread as our heartbroken canine-kids looked on, pathetically hopeful. At least we didn’t rub it in by telling them how moist and perfectly delicious the fresh baked loaf turned out. …Well, maybe we rubbed it in just a little.

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