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National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Posted by Chris

National Chocolate Ice Cream DayToday’s unofficial was orginally scheduled to be Daniel Boone Day but something came up at the last minute causing us to find a replacement. Sticking with the reoccuring theme of a food holiday seemed like the way to go. Luckily today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day as well, a holiday that even made CNN’s Eatocracy website!

Chocolate ice cream is a classic. Whether it be scooped in a bowl, cone, or soft-served, chocolate is an ice cream flavor enjoyed by many. From the national chains such as Coldstone, Maggie Moos, and Bruster’s to the local mom and pop’s places (my favorite is Carl’s in Fredericksburg, VA) there is no shortage of places available to celebrate this scrumptious holiday.

We had a pretty hectic day today at work and with my big ride this past weekend Brittany and I were pretty spent by the time we got home. We both took a short nap and spent some time with the dogs before heading to the gym to burn off some of the calories we were about to take in. We don’t get the opportunity to visit Bruster’s that often and since it is only about a quarter mile away from the gym it made sense to go there. We ordered a small chocolate cone to share since we are both TRYING to be good and watch what we eat. I really wish we would have ordered a second, I had forgotten how good chocolate ice cream was by itself. I usually order something like cookie dough, birthday cake batter, or something of that nature. These flavors have too much going on though. In my opinion the simplicity of chocolate adds to its flavor, and, as long as it isn’t overbearing, actually gives it a level of superiority. Needless to say, I think I have found the flavor I will be ordering the next few times we make a trip out for ice cream.

Earlier this evening Brittany informed me that insects weren’t animals. According to her, “There are animals, insects, and plants.” I guess I will have to give her a hard time about it as much as I can tonight since that will be out of the question tomorrow. Tomorrow is Best Friends Day!

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