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World Naked Bike Ride Day

Posted by Chris

World Naked Bike Ride DayIf I had heard about World Naked Bike Ride Day before Brittany and I started our “year of living unofficially,” I would have never guessed what it was really about. World Naked Bike Ride Day isn’t just about taking your clothes off and jumping on your bike for a short cruise around town. Today is a day about saving the planet as well as promoting positive body image/self awareness. Specifically, World Naked Bike Ride Day’s message focuses on promoting bicycle advocacy in protest against oil dependancy.

Surprisingly, today turned out to be one of our most enjoyable celebrations to date. For those of you who aren’t ready to know on such an intimate level, don’t worry — we didn’t ride. Not this year, anyway. Instead, to celebrate World Bike Naked Day, we traveled to DC to come out and show our support for the riders of all sorts, shapes, and sizes participating in this year’s ride.

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