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World Naked Bike Ride Day

Posted by Chris

Unfortunately, since we live so far from the city we did have to rely on one of our oil dependent vehicles for at least a portion of the day. We drove as far north as we could then jumped on the Metro, fully clothed of course. Brittany and I were a little early getting to the appointed meeting place, which allowed us the chance to have a brief conversation with a friendly couple that was there for the same reason. Slowly but surely people started to show up, some wearing more clothes than others. The DC Indecent Exposure law has been interpreted to mean that “one’s genitals [must be] covered.” This means that legally all a man has to wear is a sock, which is exactly what a few men did. As for women, they can walk around completely topless. This caught the attention of many surprised passers by who were unaware of today’s “unofficial”, or the liberal nature of DC’s indecent exposure laws.

We thought today was going to be awkward to say the least. I wasn’t exactly too sure what to expect. Brittany even mentioned a few times that she felt like a voyeur. But, ironically, the only people who really seemed uncomfortable were the “normal” people with clothes on. After a few minutes, though, things did get a little more comfortable. We even had a conversation with a friendly participant and were completely unphased by his lack of clothing (he was one of a couple men wearing nothing other than a sock, the legal bare minimum).

When the brave ensemble was ready to go we took a group shot and saw the riders off. They mentioned that they were going to ride by the White House as well as a few other historic places. We would have loved to see those nude cyclists, pedaling away completely carefree, with the President’s house as their crackdrop — I mean backdrop. But, until next year, we’ll have to make due with our interesting pictures from today’s event, and our even more interesting memories.

Hopefully we don’t mess something up tomorrow while we are learning to disappear. Tomorrow is Magic Day!

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