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Weed Your Garden Day

Posted by Chris

Weed Your Garden DayToday is Weed Your Garden Day, and just like it sounds, it’s a day when we are supposed to take a few extra minutes to weed our gardens. Weeds can pretty much be described as the unwanted beasts in our garden. They reap the much needed nutrients from the soil, grow at a ridiculously fast rate, and can be almost impossible to get rid of. They can also be quite the tasty addition to a salad.

A few years ago Brittany and I had a roommate, Niles. Niles had quite the passion for gardening (Niles if you are reading this don’t be mad at me for revealing your secret to the world). As part of his rent we agreed that he could fix up a small area of our yard and turn it into a nice flower garden. He stuck to his word and a few weeks later, after digging up a bunch of weeds, conditioning the soil, and planting some plants we all picked out, we had ourselves a decent little garden. A few months later Niles found a job out of state and went on his merry little way. Well that was a few years ago, and Brittany and I aren’t necessarily the best gardeners out there and to be brutally honest, things have gotten a little out of control in our once beautiful garden.

I’m sure it is pretty obvious that this has been an extremely busy year for us. Even if we had wanted to spend time outside during the nights and weekends time just hasn’t allowed for it. Today gave us the perfect excuse to, at the very least, make an attempt at beginning to tend to the garden Niles planted for us. I decided the best approach at weeding would be to address the perimeter of the garden and work my way to the center. This worked for about ten minutes. I started to get nervous because I didn’t want to pull out something thinking it was a weed when it really wasn’t. I got the obvious ones and decided to wait until a later date when I can consult advice from someone who may know a little more than I do. In the meantime Brittany was weeding some of the bushes along our walk. Wanting to be a team player I went over to help out. We both got rid of some ivy that had attempted to take over some trees in the front yard. This presenting me the perfect opportunity to bust out my chainsaw and cut down a tree that didn’t make it through the winter. The next, and final chore for this much needed holiday was to finally weed the bricks in our driveway. If you are ever in the market for a house and it has a brick driveway, don’t buy! They are beautiful but it is a never ending chore. After about an hour and a half we were finally done.

Today was set aside to tend to our gardens, tomorrow is a day set aside to show gratitude to those who choose to give blood in order to save lives. Tomorrow is World Blood Donor Day.

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