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World Blood Donor Day

Posted by Brittany

To celebrate World Blood Donor Day, we decided to do just that, and join the ranks of all of those special people who selflessly volunteer their time and their blood to save lives. We scheduled an appointment to donate blood at a local drive in Arlington, Virginia and raced against traffic to get there. After completing the standard questions, forms, and mini-physical we laid back on our stretchers, got poked, and watched our bags fill. Since Chris had been deferred last year, this was his first time donating. He was brave about the whole thing, though I do think he was slightly overly-worried that the process would make him dizzy or tired. But he’s a big guy and, like I predicted, he was completely unfazed. In fact, he filled his bag quite fast (compared to me — with a blood pressure reading of 90/60 I take awhile), and even though I started before him, he was eating cookies and drinking water before I was even off the table! We both felt good about doing our part to help, and with our eligibility reinstated in another 56 days we’re hoping to make it to another drive before our travels defer us again. With another four months until our cruise we might even be able to plan two donations before set sail!

If you haven’t donated blood lately (or ever), get out there and do it! It’s just a little prick of pain but your contribution could be one of the more than 38,000 blood donations needed every day!

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