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Nature Photography Day

Posted by Brittany

Nature Photography DayJune 15, 2011 marks the North American Nature Photography Association‘s sixth annual celebration of Nature Photography Day. Nature Photography Day is an opportunity to explore your natural surroundings, using the medium of photography to capture its wonder and make a statement about the need to preserve our environment. Since it’s inception in 2006, this annual observation has spread across not only the country, but across the globe, with nature photographers everywhere sharing their Nature Photography Day snapshots on the internet.

Chris has had an interest in photography for as long as I’ve known him. Not long after we started dating he purchased an impressive Nikon DSLR and it has followed us on every vacation or special event ever since. It’s not uncommon for him to take several hundred pictures a day when the subject matter is appealing, or to sneak a couple of pictures of me sleeping with my mouth open when other subject matter isn’t as tempting. Sometimes he gets an itch to get out and work with his camera, and living so close to beautiful historic Fredericksburg has proven invaluable when he feels moved to do so. But even our yard, with its fishpond, handful of frogs, and many different kinds of trees, has offered him inspiration and produced some beautiful frames. With his interest in photography, and a natural talent that he loves to show off, Chris has been looking forward to today’s “unofficial” for several weeks.

Today was a busy day for us. We both took off work, filling our day with appointments with our doctor, dentist, and veterinarian. Since our final appointment with the vet was at the end of the day we decided to treat today’s patient, our lab mix Sage, with a walk along the Rappahannock River before dinner. Chris brought his trusty Nikon and we descended the wooden stairs to the riverbank. As Sage and I navigated the rocky terrain running along the river, Chris stopped every so often, setup his tripod, and worked his magic. The evening was warm and Sage and I both got a good workout as we climbed the rocks and ducked under tree branches. I was very impressed with her ability to maneuver the rough ground and steep hills — I love her so much, but I would be lying if I said she was a brave dog. She’s actually kind of a sissy, and a spoil-sport (she hates balloons and holiday decorations), but I guess that’s part of her charm. And part of her daddy’s charm is his ability to see things with an artist’s eye. I can’t wait to see the photographs produced by today’s journey. And who knows, maybe one of them will end up framed, hanging in our hallway by Father’s Day…a special little gift from Sage.

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