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Fresh Veggies Day

Posted by Brittany

Fresh Veggies DayJune 16th is Fresh Veggies Day, a day to enjoy vegetables while they’re fresh and full of their maximum vitamin potential. Fresh vegetables make a great snack and go well with every meal. And during this time of year there are so many vegetables in season, making trips to the grocery store or farmers’ market extra interesting and, uh, fruitful!

I love vegetables of all kinds: tomatoes (especially cherry and plum tomatoes), snow peas, peppers, carrots, artichoke, asparagus, mushrooms, celery, and — maybe most of all — cucumbers. But unfortunately, Chris and I usually go to the grocery store only once a week or less, so we don’t always have fresh vegetables on hand. I’ve often lamented the lack of ‘color’ in our refrigerator and on our plates, and we’ve both discussed the need to provide more well-rounded meals to our family once a kid comes along. In the meantime, today was a great excuse to load up on a few goodies.

After work, Chris and I stopped at Trader Joe’s in Springfield. Trader Joe’s is a chain of specialty grocery stores that stocks organic, vegetarian, and unusual foods along with some other staples. When we lived in Springfield Chris and I liked to shop there occasionally — the store is small so you can make the rounds quickly, and for the interesting selection the prices are amazingly low. We’ve only been back a few times since we moved to Stafford three years ago, so today’s trip was a treat. We perused the aisles for awhile and then loaded our basket with asparagus, carrots, yellow peppers, orange peppers, and broccoli. After the long commute home and a little housework, Chris cooked the asparagus and laid it out on a platter along with the other still-uncooked vegetable. We enjoyed a light and yummy dinner of veggies and french onion dip. And there are even some leftovers, so maybe we’ll have a fresh, delicious snack to bring to work tomorrow!

If fresh vegetables don’t signal the ushering in of summer, then flip-flops definitely do — tomorrow is National Flip Flop Day!

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