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National Flip-Flop Day

Posted by Brittany

National Flip-Flop DayNational Flip-Flop Day is a day for us all to “free our feet” and give our toes some wiggle room. In 2007 Tropical Smoothie Cafe hosted the first annual National Flip-Flop Day, offering free smoothies to the first 500 flip-flop clad customers. Since then, the national chain has partnered with Camp Sunshine, and uses National Flip-Flop Day as an event to kick off the six week fundraiser for the organization, whose mission is to “help children with life-threatening illnesses and their families make more magical memories.”

If I could wear flip-flops every day I would. I hate socks and I love the feeling of being able to wiggle my toes, so flip-flops have always had an esteemed position in my wardrobe. Plus, the beginning of flip-flop season is a great excuse for a pedicure! In my opinion, the only drawback to wearing flip-flops is the “flip-floppy” sound they sometimes make when you’re walking. That’s the main reason I don’t wear them to work even though, with our company’s casual dress code, many other employees do. But the second I get home from the office I kick off my shoes and slip into my flip-flops (if it’s been a particularly exhausting day I might go right to my pajama pants and slippers!). And though I usually only wear flip-flips out in public during the warmer months, I wear them around the house, and even out in the yard, year-round. There’s no feeling quite like freezing your feet in the harsh cold of winter, and then bringing them inside and standing over a warm vent.

To celebrate National Flip-Flop Day Chris and I stopped at Old Navy on our way home from work. I’ve always been impressed with their large selection of very inexpensive flip-flops and it was time for both of us to replace an old worn pair. Chris picked up a nice pair of leather ones, while I got a cute dark brown pair with a bit of a heel — a definite plus since I’m only 5’1″. When we got back to the car we put on our new shoes and headed toward home, stoping at the closest Tropical Smoothie Cafe on the way. We were many hours too late for the free smoothie, but we ordered a delicious low-fat one anyway, and made a donation to Camp Sunshine. It was inspiring to see the incredible number of paper flip-flops, each one representing a donation someone had made, taped across the walls. We’d like to officially wish all of the kids at Camp Sunshine a Happy National Flip-Flop Day, and a life filled with many, many summers in which to wear them.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading to our favorite restaurant, Fujiya House for International Sushi Day!

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