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International Sushi Day

Posted by Brittany

International Sushi DaySushi is an ancient traditional asian food that can be traced back to 7th century China and Southeast Asia. In its original form sushi was created by fermenting fish and rice, and preserving it with salt, producing a sour tasting result. By the early 1800′s the fermentation process had been abandoned and Hanay Yoehi transformed sushi into one of the earliest forms of fast food; it was prepared fresh and quickly, and a diner could easily eat it with his hands. Eventually sushi evolved into the contemporary Japanese version we enjoy today. The sushi we eat in North America has been largely westernized, but many varieties and ingredients are available, resulting in a beautiful and delicious food that delights not only the taste buds, but also the eyes and imagination.

It’s no secret that our favorite restaurant is Fujiya House, a wonderful Japanese restaurant and lounge in Fredericksburg. Chris and I have been stopping in for the lunch special for just about every Saturday for over a year. With the craziness of summer approaching we’ve missed a couple of Saturdays here and there, but our appetite for the delicious food never subsides. We usually order from the grill, or get a Bento box when we want to have a little bit of everything. All of the food always comes out perfect, but I have to admit that the sushi in the Bento has always been one of my favorite items. I don’t eat raw fish, but I absolutely love avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, and California rolls, so the art of sushi has not been lost on me.

Even though we’ve spent so many Saturday afternoons at Fujiya House, we’ve never actually sat at the sushi bar until this evening. The restaurant has become deservedly popular and it was pretty full tonight, so knowing we were going to dedicate the leftover space in our stomachs (which were still a little full from a super-fun baby shower earlier this afternoon) to sushi, we sat at the sushi bar. I ordered my usual avocado rolls (delicious!), but Chris wanted to try something new. The sushi chef was extremely knowledgeable and helped Chris pick out something that was appropriate for someone who was just starting to explore some of the more interesting types of sushi. Chris settled on a ‘Playboy Roll’ that featured fried shrimp, crab meat, cream cheese and avocado. Even though I am admittedly not adventurous when it comes to sushi (I know what I like so I tend to order it over and over…and over), I gave the Playboy Roll a try and it was amazing! It inspired me, and I suggested to Chris that we start adding a sushi tray to our Saturday lunches, trying something new every week. Next week I think we’ll try the BBQ Chicken Roll!

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