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National Chocolate Eclair Day

Posted by Brittany

National Chocolate Eclair DayToday is National Chocolate Eclair Day! The chocolate eclair most likely originated in France during the nineteenth century, with some food historians speculating that it was first created by the famous French chef, Antonin Carême. The chocolate eclair, which is usually eaten as a dessert, consists of a hollow, flaky choux dough filled with cream and topped with chocolate icing. The filling is usually made from pastry cream, custard, or whipped cream, but some variants may call for fruit-flavored creams, or creams concocted from puréed nuts. Nobody knows exactly how these treats got their name, but “éclair” is the French word lighting. Some people theorize they earned their moniker because of their oblong shape or their bolt of chocolate topping, or perhaps because they are so delicious they disappear in a flash!

This week has already been crazy and it’s only Wednesday! It’s our last week of working together before Chris starts his new job in DC, and he’s been swamped with a big project. Knowing that he would probably have to work late tonight, we decided it was best if we celebrated National Chocolate Eclair Day during our lunch break. During the first half of my lunch hour I hurried over to the nearest grocery store in search of today’s honored pastry. I was shocked to find that, in spite of it’s large size, the bakery didn’t have any fresh eclairs. I was running short on time, so I crossed my fingers and headed for the frozen food aisle where I luckily found a bin of thirty frozen mini chocolate eclairs. I’d had these before, and they were great, so I knew they would be a hit with Chris. When I got back to the office the worst part was waiting for the little suckers to thaw! They were still sort of frozen toward the end of our break but we ate a few anyway. They may have been a little crunchy but they were still delicious.

We both ended up working late today, along with a handful of other people. One of our co-workers was kind enough to order chinese food and share, and it reminded me of the mini-desserts we’d returned to the freezer. I took a minute to retrieve them from the suite where I work and brought them to our main office, encouraging everyone to celebrate today’s “unofficial.” Again, the eclairs were still crunchy –but that didn’t keep them from putting a smile on a few peoples’ faces.

It’s time for me to go pick out an outfit for tomorrow — it’s National Pink Day!

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