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National Strawberry Parfait Day

Posted by Brittany

National Strawberry Parfait DayParfaits date back to 19th century France, where they originated as a coffee-flavored layered dessert made from sugar syrup, egg, and cream. Parfait is literally french for “perfect.” In America the popular dish was augmented to feature ice cream or yogurt layered with fruit and served in a tall parfait glass. Some variations exist for the treat, including desserts made with pudding or mousse, and looser interpretations employing foods like mashed potatoes, sauces, and meat.

I’ve seen beautiful pictures of ice cream parfaits, but I don’t recall ever having one. They look delicious though, so I may start researching recipes for our next family get-together. My parfait experiences have been limited to the fruit and yogurt kind, but since Chris detests yogurt I tend not to buy any yogurt-based food products. Once in awhile, though, I get a craving for a fresh cup of yogurt or a parfait, and I satisfy it with a trip to McDonald’s. The fruit and yogurt parfait is definitely a healthier alternative to most desserts…or a Big Mac!

To celebrate National Strawberry Parfait Day this morning Chris and I went to a nearby convenience store and hunted down a vanilla nonfat yogurt parfait with strawberry and granola. We had a lot going on today, with a busy afternoon and my cousin Laine’s wedding reception this evening, so even though the little parfait looked delicious I had to surrender it to the refrigerator until we finally returned home. I’m eating it as I write this post and let me just say that it was worth the wait. And it was just in time — I guess I didn’t eat enough when we were out tonight because I’m famished now. Hopefully this tasty little treat will fill my belly so I can get to bed and enjoy some much needed sleep!

Tomorrow we’ll be enjoying National Chocolate Pudding Day!

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