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National Orange Blossom Day

Posted by Brittany

National Orange Blossom DayJune 27th is National Orange Blossom Day. Cultivated from orange trees, fragrant orange blossoms are widely used in cooking, flower arranging, and perfume making. Blossoms are commonly used to make honey, tea, marmalade, and to flavor bakery items. With so many useful applications, one may quickly assume that today’s holiday is a celebration of this multi-faceted flower. However, National Orange Blossom Day actually honors the Orange Blossom cocktail, a bittersweet drink consisting of gin, sugar, and orange juice.

Today was Chris’s first day on the new job, and our first day working a schedule that gets us home three hours later than what we’re used to. By the time we had our key in the door we were both ready for a drink — mostly to celebrate Chris’s new job, but also just because we’re both dog tired. Chris rounded up the ingredients and quickly threw together the simple cocktail with equal parts gin and orange juice. He decided to try one of the recipes that didn’t call for the optional sugar. I, on the other hand, added some sugar to mine, knowing how much I dislike bitter drinks. After a few sips we’re both on the fence about this drink. It’s not awful, but it’s also not very tasty. I guess if I’m drinking a cocktail with orange juice in it, it had better be a mimosa! Mmmm…mmmiiimmoooooossssaaaa.

In honor of my own personal “prohibition-style” National Orange Blossom Day, I lifted my self-imposed ban on Bath & Body Works earlier this evening (Chris and I went crazy during the last sale and ended up with a decade’s worth of shower gel) and purchased a few sweet smelling items. A quick search on their website revealed a new fragrance I hadn’t tried, Country Chic, which features an orange blossom mid tone. At least I practiced a little restraint and just bought a travel-sized set for my trips to the gym!

Tomorrow Chris and I are going to have to put on our grown-up hats and consider the security of our family’s future — it’s Insurance Awareness Day!

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