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National Bomb Pop Day

Posted by Chris

National Bomb Pop DayEver since 1955, kids, and adults alike, have been enjoying the Bomb Pop. This classic summer popsicle has become one of America’s favorite patriotic novelties. Originally red, white, and blue (cherry, lime, and blue raspberry flavored), the Bomb Pop can now be found in a variety of different flavors and sizes. Call me old fashion but I’ll take the classic red, white, and blue Bomb Pop any day!

Today was Brittany’s birthday, so after stuffing our faces with the casserole she suggested I make, it was time to kickstart the beginning of her 33rd year of life with some customary birthday cake. The tiramisu cake her parents brought over was superb to say the least. So good in fact that I almost didn’t have enough room to participate in the holiday today. Staying true to the blog though I decided I would have to tough it out.

This past week, as part of our weekly trip to the grocery store, and our attempt to save money through the use of coupons, we made it a point to pick up a box of Bomb Pops. The original plan was to share a Bomb Pop, but while feeding our chinchillas this evening a couple of them got loose and refused to go back in their cage. About thirty minutes later Brittany was finally able to round them up, but by that time I had already started on my post birthday cake dessert. Sorry Brittany. As of yet she hasn’t had hers but promises to do so before heading to bed.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the second half of our project. We will be celebrating this milestone with some wings, tomorrow is International Chicken Wing Day!

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