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International Chicken Wing Day

Posted by Brittany

International Chicken Wing DayChicken wings are a favorite food not only in America, but worldwide. “Buffalo wings” are particularly popular in the U.S., with variations in flavor and recipe limited only by the imagination. These “drummies” are available in numerous restaurant chains and make appearances at barbeques, buffets, and even competitive eating events.

Even as a scrawny kid, I could eat a giant plate of chicken wings. They were one of my favorite foods, and the spicier they were, the better. In my more sensible adult years, I shy away from the mess of a big plate of buffalo wings, opting instead for the simpler boneless variety. But there is the occasional need to go back and revisit the classic bone-in wings — I still feel a sense of pride for conquering the ‘blazon wings at Buffalo Wild Wings on International Hot & Spicy Food Day. I didn’t even cry!

To celebrate International Chicken Wing Day we headed back to Buffalo Wild Wings. I think this holiday came just in time — I’d been craving a trip to “BW3″ for the past few days. Our friends Bubba and Liz, and their little girl joined us for the meal and we filled our table with multiple baskets of different flavored wings. Chris ordered ‘blazin again and said they were even hotter than the last time we’d tried them! Inspired by my love of Salt & Vinegar potato chips, I decided to try the Salt & Vinegar wings. They recipe used a dry rub, and even though I usually like my wings wet and juicy, I really enjoyed the salty flavor. Unfortunately, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs so we had to bring some wings home, but it looks like we’ll have enough for a hearty lunch tomorrow. Between the delicious wings and the good time spent with friends, today was a great end to a long week as well as the perfect beginning to a three day weekend!

And for any South Park fans out there — today’s “unofficial” got me singing What Would Brian Boitano Do? Pt. II. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up stuck in my head for the next week.

Keep your eye to the sky tomorrow — it’s World UFO Day!

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