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National Country Music Day

Posted by Chris

Sometime in the 1950′s while the rest of America was celebrating Independence Day, the Country Music Deejay Association (CMDJA) decided they would celebrate a holiday of their own, National Country Music Day.  Originally the holiday was created to commemorate Jimmie Rodgers and country music.  Through the years there have been festivities hosted by the music industry and even an attempt to make National Country Music Day an official holiday.  Obviously that never happened but National Country Music Day is still a holiday that is celebrated nation wide.

There was a time when I actually enjoyed listening to country music.  I don’t really care for country all that much anymore, as a matter of fact I tend to block that period of my life out.  It’s not a genre that I can really relate to.  However, when I found out today was National Country Music Day I made sure that this was the “unofficial” we picked to celebrate.  I find it extremely appropriate that National Country Music Day is celebrated on the same day that many Americans choose to drink pretty heavily and blow stuff up.

I had to run a few errands earlier in the day, naturally I decided to have some music playing while I was driving around.  Only this time I was tuned into a station I don’t think my car has ever been tuned to, 93.3 WFLS (you can listen live on their website)!  The first song I was fortunate enough to hear was This Ain’t No Rag, It’s A Flag by Charlie Daniels.  I won’t lie, I thought some of the lyrics were a little corny and even inappropriate/offensive, but I do have to admit it definitely suites both of July 4th’s holidays.  I can’t name any of the other songs I heard, but you better bet that every second I was in my car I was jamming to some of America’s finest country.  We had some time to waste before heading over to Brittany’s parent’s house for dinner so I did what I do best, browse the internet and just mess around on the computer.  Pandora was open the whole time, tuned into the Today’s Country Radio station.

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