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National Fried Chicken Day

Posted by Brittany

National Fried Chicken DayJuly 6th is National Fried Chicken Day, the perfect opportunity to enjoy a little pan fried, deep fried, or pressure fried chicken. Although Europeans dined on fried chicken as far back as the middle ages, the dish did not become popular in the United States until the colonization and growth of the South. Today fried chicken is eaten all over the world; due to its versatility it is often flavored with local rubs and spices. An American favorite, this crispy meal is served at both lunch and dinner, and makes an appearance at most picnics across the country. Variations on bone-in whole-piece fried chicken have grown to include buffalo wings, chicken fingers, boneless wings, chicken fries, chicken nuggets, and popcorn chicken to name a few.

I was a little surprised to see that National Fried Chicken Day fell just on the heels of International Chicken Wing Day. But I wasn’t going to complain — I love chicken. Still, I have to admit that I usually avoid buckets of fried chicken, especially from chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Popeye’s. I’m sure Chik-fil-A doesn’t rate much better, and I know the end result for the little chickens is always the same, but high-profile animal cruelty campaigns have turned me off to the first two chains. I’m already starting to regret this admission for fear that someone is going to send me information about Chik-fil-A in response to the post, causing what is basically my only regularly visited fast-food restaurant to be ruined for me too. I probably sound like a wuss, but my love for animals has caused me to struggle with the idea of becoming a vegetarian on many occasions. But I always get caught up in two problems: 1) meat tastes good — really good; and 2) our bodies are designed to eat meat. I understand that vegetarianism is a personal choice, but I would never feed my dogs a vegetarian diet expressly for the second reason stated above. I’m an omnivore, plain and simple.

To celebrate National Fried Chicken Day I buried my ostrich head in the sand long enough for Chris and I to pick up dinner at Chik-fil-A. We considered frying up some chicken at home but we’re still not used to our new schedule, which gets us home almost three hours later than we’re used to. Also, we have a lot to do before our mini-vacation to Virginia Beach this weekend! With all of this in mind, Chris and I ordered up a spicy fried chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets to go, respectively. The tastiness never disappoints, and the meal really hit the spot after a good long workout at the gym. As I licked my fingers clean I went back to pondering that nagging question of whether or not I should try my hand at vegetarianism. But then, at least for today, I took another bite.

To all you ladies out there: make sure you grab your dad or your closest father figure tomorrow for Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day.

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