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National Sugar Cookie Day

Posted by Brittany

National Sugar Cookie DayThe simple, delicious Sugar cookie was created by German settlers in Pennsylvania in the 1700s. Originally named the Nazareth Sugar Cookie, for the Nazareth area of Pennsylvania, they were made from sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vannila, and baking powser or baking sugar. They probably evolved from an unleavened cookie called a “jumble”, and are formed from dough by hand or rolled and cut into fun shapes. The sweet, simple taste and look of a sugar cookie is easily transformed when decorated with colored sprinkles and flavored icings, making them a favorite at cookie decorating parties which are particularly popular during the holiday season. The sugar cookie is the official state cookie of Pennsylvania and is celebrated Across the country every July 9th on National Sugar Cookie Day.

I only recently discovered the wonder of the sugar cookie. Throughout my entire childhood and for most of my adult life I’ve passed over countless sugar cookies in favor of chocolate chip cookies. Then, sometime last year I bought a block of break-apart Pillsbury sugar cookies and baked a few at home. I was shocked at how good they were when they were hot and fresh from the oven. Plus they passed my raw cookie dough test (which, as a salmonella survivor, drives Chris crazy) with flying colors. In fact, I think actually prefer raw sugar cookie dough over chocolate chip cookie dough. Ever since my breakthrough with the break-apart dough I’ve been a big fan of sugar cookies.

This morning Chris and I left Stafford for an overnight trip to Virginia Beach. We knew our weekend was going to be monopolized by the ocean, the beach, and gaudy tourist amusements so we thought it best to celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day early in the day. As we headed south we stopped for breakfast bagels at Panera and grabbed a couple of sugar cookie while we were there. They didn’t have any plain sugar cookies, but they had giant ones with M&Ms baked into the middle — an added bonus if you ask me. The cookies were super-soft and yummy and turned out to be the perfect companion to our little road trip — much better than our usual vacation snacks of SlimJims and candy bars. Now we’re on the way to the beach, and so excited about enjoying a little time in the sun with our cousins Joey and Emily. And maybe we’ll do just enough swimming and running around to fit in one more sugar cookie without any guilt!

Tomorrow, we’ll be back at the beach just in time for National Pina Colada Day!

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