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National Grand Marnier Day

Posted by Brittany

Chris took part in his first company softball game tonight. His team celebrated their exciting win at a bar in DC, where he ordered a delicious margarita made with Grand Marnier. When he finally got home, we shared a little “neat” Grand Marnier that I’d picked up earlier in the evening. This particular liqueur can be a little on the pricey side so, since we rarely imbibe, I bought a couple “mini” bottles for each of us. (I love miniature alcohol bottles — I think they’re the cutest!) When it was finally time to take a drink, I was surprised by how warm the liqueur was as it went down my throat…it’s like the Ben-Gay of alcohol. And though I’m sure it’s tastier than Ben-Gay, it looks like this is one more drink that I don’t really like straight from the bottle. It’s little strong for my liking, and even Chris described as “different…a little sweet and strong.” Still, I could appreciate the orange aroma, and anyone can tell that this taste would indeed lend itself well to desserts and cocktails. So maybe that’s what I should be eating and drinking…desserts and cocktails. Does that mean I need to spend more time at the gym?

Tomorrow we’ll be abandoning alcohol in favor of a little responsible parenting — It’s National Pet Fire Safety Day!

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