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National Pet Fire Safety Day

Posted by Brittany

Some tips, like substituting flameless candles for traditional burring ones that pets can knock over, made perfect sense. But I was surprised by others. For instance, I’d never realized that it’s a bad idea to leave a glass water bowl outside on a wooden deck — the sun can actually filter through the water and ignite the deck! It’s kind of scary to think that what you don’t know actually can hurt you.

In addition to reading up on pet fire safety, Chris and I observed this important “unofficial” by stopping at PetSmart to pickup a couple of Pet Alert window clings. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate a fire station giving them out for free today (it would have been nice to say hello to some firefighters!), but the decals are very inexpensive and available at most stores with a pet section. When we got home I diligently filled them in (not an easy task with my bad penmanship), making sure to include they types and quantities of pets, and our vet’s name and phone number. When the sun is out again tomorrow, Chris and I will figure out which doors or windows we want to affix the clings to. It’s just a little preventative step, but it makes me feel good to know we’ve been proactive with the safety and care of our eight wonderful pets.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing a little frying in the kitchen — It’ National Corn Fritters Day!

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