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National Corn Fritters Day

Posted by Brittany

National Corn Fritters DayIf you love comfort foods then July 16th is a good day for you. Today is National Corn Fritters Day, a day to enjoy the traditional country side dish created by frying a savory mixture of corn kernels, egg, flour, milk, and butter. Corn fritters (or Southern bread in some regions) can be enjoyed with honey, cream, jam, or even syrup. In some areas you may even find fritter cook offs celebrating the delicious snack.

Although Virginia is still considered part of “The South”, Chris and I had never heard of corn fritters before deciding to celebrate today’s holiday. I’ve known many an apple fritter in my lifetime, but fried corn was something new to me. Unless you count corn dogs! But a little research revealed a frighteningly simple corn fritter recipe, and we’d never fried anything at home before, so we decided we were up for the challenge.

The hardest part of this cooking experience was staying away from the freshly cooked fritters when they were still too hot to eat. When I say this recipe was frighteningly easy, I’m dead serious. And by frightening, I mean that I didn’t have any clue that it was so simple to fry food at home. This could be a very dangerous discovery for us. And for our waistlines. So we decided that it was probably best to spread the love, comfort, and calories, and brought our finished fritters to my parents’ house, where we enjoyed them along with some good conversation. The reviews for our snacks were good, but we all agreed something was missing — maybe we should have brought some syrup with us. We even agreed that the fritters might taste a little better dipped in ketchup, though none of us were brave enough to try. Still, every fritter was consumed, and fritters were had by all — even by my “little brother”, Snickers The Dog.

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