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National Daquiri Day

Posted by Brittany

National Daquiri DayLegend states that the original daiquiri was invented in the early 1900′s by Jennings Cox, an American mining engineer working in Cuba. When Cox ran out of gin while entertaining, he created the drink with white rum, lime juice, and Gomme syrup. By 1909 the drink had made its way to Washington, DC thanks to U.S. Navy medical officer Admiral Lucius W. Johnson, but it didn’t reach it’s height of popularity until the 1940′s. During the war many liquors were hard to come by, but due to President Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy, which opened trade with Latin America, rum was more easily accessible. July 19th is National Daiquiri Day, a day to enjoy the sweet cocktail that has been preferred by notable Americans like Ernest Hemingway and John F. Kennedy.

When I was in college, every once in awhile my dad would buy me pre-packaged ready-to-freeze margaritas and daiquiris. I was a couple of years too young to legally drink, but I was a good kid and my parents seldom had to worry about me, so I think it was his way of acknowledging that I could be trusted and treated like an adult. I would sneak the little packages into our mini-freezer and later, when the mood struck us, my roommate and I would sit on our deep window sill looking out into the street three stories below while we sipped on the cocktails and listened to music. Those memories are among my most peaceful, and on the the rare occasion that I have a margarita, or the even rarer daiquiri, I can’t help but feel transported back to my nineteen-year-old self.

With those fond memories coming to the surface, and a strong desire for an enjoyable “unofficial” after the unpleasantness of National Caviar Day, I was excited to celebrate National Daiquiri Day. And after a long day at work and a hard work-out at the gym, I was looking forward to my drink. On our commute home Chris and I started talking about what type of daiquiri to make. We considered using one of the pre-mixed cocktail concoctions, but we decided that daiquiris are easy enough to make from scratch, and probably much better that way. After further discussion we settled on a strawberry flavored daiquiri, so I looked up a simple daiquiri recipe and we headed to the grocery store to supplement the ingredients we already had with strawberries, lemon juice, and lime juice. After a delicious tex-mex dinner Chris whipped up our cocktails and we are sitting on the couch enjoying them now. As someone who doesn’t like the taste of liquor, I must say that this drink is utterly delicious. It’s super-sweet and even a little tart. And it really hits the spot after a busy Tuesday. Ahhh…I feel relaxed.

If you’re looking for new lotto numbers, tomorrow is your lucky day — It’s Fortune Cookie Day!

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