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International Childbirth Education Awareness Day

Posted by Brittany

With a couple of candid childbirth documentaries already under our belt, as well as some light reading on my part, Chris and I decided to celebrate International Childbirth Education Awareness Day by learning about The Bradley Method. Two of our friends and followers, Vicky and Ryan, just had their first baby, and turned us onto The Bradley Method through a suggestion they made a couple of days ago. (By the way, the pictures of their new son, Sagan, are super-cute… and he’s already smiling!) Chris and I watched a few YouTube videos discussing the fundamentals of the method, which advocates partner-coached natural births. The testimonials we watched were very convincing. Later, I did some further exploring on and even found a number of instructors in our area. Vicky warned me that if you’re considering giving birth in a birthing center its a good idea to start making plans early on in your pregnancy, so even though we’re not pregnant yet, I’m glad we spent part of this evening learning about our options and I feel reassured knowing that there are resources in our area to help us strive for whatever birthing experience we decide is best for us.

Tomorrow I will practice eating like a pregnant momma — It’s National Hot Dog Day!

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