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National Drive-Thru Day

Posted by Brittany

National Drive-Thru DayNational Drive-Thru Day is observed annually on July 24th to celebrate America’s drive-thru service industry. The holiday was created by Jack in the Box who recognized the country’s obsession with automobiles in the boom of the post WWII era and quickly became the first big drive-thru burger chain. Today drive-thru restaurants line the U.S. roadways, and other drive-thru services have caught on as well. Depending where you live you may have access to a liquor store, bank, mail services, marriage chapel, funeral viewings, or even constituent services from your state representative — all from the comfort of your very own vehicle!

I’ve mentioned in several recent posts that I’m trying to get back in tip-top form before our vacation in three months. That’s translated into a lot of days at the gym and a lot of willpower when it comes to convenience food. Of course there has been a meal here and there that hasn’t fit into my regimen (see National Junk Food Day), but so far I’ve used these “cheat days” to remind myself that the food I sometimes miss isn’t as good as my brain keeps telling me it will be. So in a sick way, falling off the wagon every once in awhile (and always in moderation) has been good for my progress. In fact, I’m already about a quarter of the way to my goal. Still, I admit that I was a little concerned that National Drive-Thru Day was coming on the heels of so many other food and drink holidays. Luckily, Chris and I did a lot of walking today. In fact, we’re both kind of exhausted!

This morning we woke up even earlier than we usually do on workdays, and got ready to take a photo class with PhotoTourDC, studying “abstracts” in Adams Morgan. It turned out that getting up so early on a Sunday was more challenging than we’d realized, and with no time to make breakfast the drive-thru at McDonald’s was the perfect solution. We rarely eat McDonald’s food, and when we do it’s usually the regular menu, so getting breakfast was kind of a treat. But we didn’t stop there — after our fun and informative photo tour (which was also exhausting due to the grueling heat), we stopped at Wendy’s for lunch. We even considered finding a drive-thru Starbuck’s, but Chris got so sleepy on the way home that we actually had to stop for the closest coffee, even though it lacked prestigious drive-thru accommodations. Now I’m stuffed, but today was fun in it’s own strange way. Our only regret is that National Drive-Thru Day fell on a Sunday this year, which meant we couldn’t celebrate at our favorite fast food restaurant, Chik-fil-A!

Now I’m off to the Land of Nod so I can rise early and work off some of these extra calories. And that will leave me plenty of crafting and sewing time in the evening for Thread the Needle Day!

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